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DofE Expedition Kit List

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DofE Expedition Kit List

DofE Expedition Kit List

A kit list for DofE expeditions. It will help as a checklist for those planning to do the DofE


1 pair of walking boots
2 pairs of walking socks
2 pairs of sock liners
2-3 t-shirts
Thermal t-shirt (optional)
2 fleece
2 walking trousers (warm, NOT jeans)
Flipflops/trainers/sandals etc (optional for campsite use)
Warm hat &/or sunhat (as appropriate)
1 pair gloves (if appropriate)
1 pair shorts (if appropriate)
Waterproof over-trousers
Jacket/coat (waterproof & windproof)
1 pair gaiters (optional)

Core Kit

Rucksack liner (or 2 strong plastic bags): Dry Bags (2/5/10/15/25/40/70/100 litres)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Waterproof bag: Dry Bags and Compression Bags
Sleeping bag liner (optional): Polycotton sleeping bag liner
Survival bag: Light and Dry Survival bivi, Survival bag, Thermal bag
Whistle: Survival whistle, Safety whistle
Torch: Handheld or head torch and spare batteries
Personal first aid kit Lifesystems: Camping first aid kit, Trek first aid kit, Blister first aid kit,
Waterproof first aid kit.
Expedition food: Expedition food packs and ready meal
Water bottle
Knife, fork, spoon
Small pocket knife/pocket tool
Box of matches
Wash kit/personal hygiene items Lifeventure: Wash bag (small), All-purpose soap, Dry wash ge
Sunblock (if appropriate)
Towel Lifeventure: Soft Fibre Lite towel (large 120g, x-large 146g, giant 203g)
Small quantity of money (optional)
Notebook and pen/pencil
Camping stove
Camping stove fuel in an appropriate Fuel bottle 0.3L, 0.5L, 1.0L
Cooking pans
Tea towels
Food (lightweight and including snacks)
Plastic bags (for rubbish etc.)
Toilet paper and Trowel
Maps (1:25 000/1:50 000) Ordnance Survey: Explorer map, Landranger map standard or
weatherproof. Custom made maps centred on your expedition location.
Map cases
Camera (optional)

Additional and Optional Kit

Hydration pack
Storm shelter
Stove multidisc (colander/lid/cutting board)
Pre-packed expedition food
After-sun cream
Insect repellent
Waterproofing (pre-expedition)
Spare boot laces
Tin opener
Ball, playing cards etc.
Mosquito net
Emergency lightsticks
Water purifying tablets
Travel plug
Security pouch

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