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Outdoor Wear and Outdoor Gear for Winter Hiking and Walking in the UK

Outdoor wear

Outdoor Wear and Outdoor Gear for Winter Hiking and Walking in the UK

What outdoor wear and outdoor gear should I take on a one day winter hike? | outdoor Gear list for winter walkers and hikers in the UK

Outdoor wear and outdoor gear for winter hiking is very different to what you may consider in the summer or even the autumn. Let’s quickly look at what outdoor wear you may need for the summer and then add on the extra outdoor wear and outdoor gear needed for the winter months

Hikers and walkers in the summer months will probably wear clothing that wicks away sweat, dries quickly and keeps them comfortable. Typically, a hill walker would wear walking trousers and a T shirt. On top of this they may wear a sports fleece pull over and have a fleece jacket in your rucksack with waterproof jacket and trousers in case of the British weather. These layers of clothes are used to adjust to the changes of temperature as you move up the hills of weather changes. British weather can change very quickly, even in the summer. You need to be prepare for the worst in the hills, moors and mountains! The outdoor wear or gear should be comfortable and dry quickly.

Be it winter or summer getting the right footwear is crucial for a pleasant walk. Make sure you have a good pair of boots that are right for your style of walking and the terrain you will be covering. The right socks are essential, breathable walking socks wool or alpaca wool is ideal.

Outdoor Gear List– Single Day Hikes

Sun hat
T Shirt
Sports fleece
Hiking trousers
Waterproof Jacket and trousers
Walking socks
Walking boots
Bottled Water
Flask of Hot Drink
First Aid Kit
Blister Relief
Mobile Phone
Emergency Whistle
Map & Compass
Torch or Headtorch
Sunglasses or glacier goggles (Snow can be bright, so take these in the winter too)
Spare Laces
Spare Socks
High Energy Snacks
Spare Warm Clothing
Survival Bag (Just in case)
Emergency Contact Details

Other Outdoor Gear You May Consider

Walking Poles
Sit Mat
Spare batteries
Packed lunch
Toilet paper

Additional Outdoor Gear for Single Day Winter Hikes

In addition to what is mentioned in the single day hiking outdoor gear list, the following should be considered for winter walking

Larger winter rucksack
Warm base-layers (top and bottom)
Middle layers of the correct winter specification
Winter gloves
Winter hat
Winter socks and spare socks
Goggles or sunglasses (preferably goggles)
Winter jacket, down or synthetic material
Spare warm winter clothing
Hiking boots appropriate for the weather
Crampons and ice axe if required
Flask of hot drink

Outdoor wear
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