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The Backpacker Flying Tent is a finalist in the UK Outdoor Industry Award

The Backpacker Flying Tent is a finalist in the UK Outdoor Industry Award

Backpacker Flying Tent

The 4 in 1 Ultra Lightweight Multifunctional Hammock Tent, Bivy, Hammock and Poncho for the Great Outdoors

The Backpacker Flying Tent is perfect for an epic backpacking journey or the short escape to leave the daily grind behind you.

The Backpacker Flying Tent is suitable for short breaks, as well as tours across different terrains. You can use it as a tent or hammock between two trees. Perfect for pitching as a traditional tent on the wet ground, river beds and steep terrain, you can also sling it between two trees as a hammock tent or hammock. The integrated fine mesh mosquito net protects you from flying insects, including the dreaded Scottish midge. By removing the upper section using the zipper on the side, the Flying Tent can instantly transform into a traditional hammock, perfect when you want to enjoy the sun. An additional innovation is its use as a rain poncho. Unzip the base and pull it over your head. It protects you and your rucksack against bad weather whether you are hiking, cycling, kayaking or just sitting by the lake fishing.

Technical Description

The smart pop-up construction allows the Backpacker Flying Tent to be set up or put in its bag within a few seconds, without removing the poles. The light 3-seasons tent comes with fiberglass poles and storm lines in case you have windy conditions and bad weather. The rainfly is a ripstop nylon, both sides coated with PU and silicon finished. The hammock uses nylon-polyester, which is coated with PU and silicone finished. Both guarantees a hydrostatic head of 5000mm and is strong enough for most wild adventures.

The Flying Tent has a high degree of functionality, innovation and user-orientation. The light materials and quality workmanship ensure a superior product and the Backpacker Flying Tent weighs only 2.45 Kg. The technically innovative and patented design is based on the simplistic functions of throw tents which allow an easy and quick setup.

The Backpacker Flying Tent is available in four different colors: Grasshopper Green, Ocean View Blue, Sunset and Camouflage

Product details

Tent-hammock details

  • The carabiner decouples the hammock straps and tree straps. Water, that accumulates through the capillary effect, drains off.
  • Particularly suitable for people who are on the move in diverse terrain and where it is undesirable to pitch a ground tent.
  • The rainfly is fixed with clips and can be removed

Bivy tent details

  • Smart entry on the side.
  • Big ventilation windows to reduce the condensation issue.
  • Two paracords for adjusting in bad weather conditions.

Poncho details

  • Adjustable in length with a smart drawstring.
  • Hood peak keeps rain water off your face.
  • Waterproof access pocket.

Hammock details

  • Fully wind protected due to the closing zipper.
  • Windproof and tear proof fabric.
  • Compatible with ft under quilt 150 for very cold weather conditions.

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