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Flying Tent – The Next Evolution of the Hammock and Tent

The Flying Tent – The Next Evolution of the Hammock and Tent

The Flying Tent is an all in One Camping System. With innovation at it’s core the flying tent has been designed to work as a hammock tent, a bivy tent, a hammock and a poncho in the rain. Whether you are cycling, walking, kayaking, fishing or hiking this innovative tent is the perfect solution for space, weight and versatility.

The Flying tent is made in four colours – blue, green, orange and camouflage.   It is made from light weight durable materials and boasts a hydrostatic head rating of 5000mm.  A real space saver, the Flying Tent packs down into a thin pack measuring 15.7 x 13.4 x 1.6 in (40 x 34 x 4 cm).  It also has loops that make it easy to strap to the back of your rucksack or backpack.

You would think that all this innovation comes with a weight penalty, but it does not.  The Flying Tent weighs just 1.45kg and this includes all the slings and carabiners.

Enjoy lazily days hanging from trees or if you are on a serious hike and cannot find trees you can pitch it on the ground as a bivy tent.  What’s more, it can be put up in seconds.  Its pop up design means the poles do not have to be removed.  Just pull it out of its bag, undo three clips and it flys open into a tent.

The Flying Tent is definitely a camping hammock by design, as it can be used as a traditional open hammock or enclosed with the included all-in-one tent system. The zip-on tent component features mosquito netting, a retractable rain fly and integrated hoop poles at the ends. You can sleep with the rain fly off for breezy ventilation or with it closed for better weather protection.

After a day lazing in the sun just put on the fly sheet and you are all secure for a night’s sleep.  The Flying Tent has been designed with speed and ease of use in all areas.  Taking off and putting on the fly sheet is easy and quick.  Its detachable mosquito net ensures you will be safe from the dreaded bugs.

Last but not least the Flying tend can be used as a rain poncho.  Just unzip the base and pull if over your head

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